The StreetSharks are the premium models in our line of plastic "Banana board" cruisers. Available in the four signature Maui and Sons colours and a new rainbow design, these boards look very similar to the Cookie Boards in design, but the performance has been significantly improved through a range of alterations.

Firstly, the deck itself is stronger, being both thicker and substantially reinforced to withstand the riding weight of teenage and adult riders. Then the whole undercarriage has been overhauled, bringing it up to a much higher spec. The plastic trucks of the Cookie boards have been swapped out for X-Caliber's conventional 80mm aluminium trucks, and the PVC wheels have been replaced with our translucent Maui and Sons urethane wheels; the mixture of an 83a durometer riding surface and a hubbed core gives the best possible combination of smooth riding and high performance. Add in some ABEC-5 bearings and you'll be rolling effortlessly wherever you go!


  • 22'' x 5.75" polypropylene deck with textured top for grip
  • Available in Maui's signature colours: blue, pink, yellow and green
  • Maui and Sons Cookie Logo sticker inset in riding surface
  • 80mm X-Caliber trucks
  • 60mm 83a Maui and Sons wheels
  • 6mm rubber riser pad for shock absorption
  • ABEC-5 bearings

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