Line Up Deck

Want a surf-inspired ride? This is the shape for you. While it looks like a classic "punk point" board for aggressive pool skating, the addition of a combination of concave and camber - the bend between front and back trucks - makes it perfect for slashing deep turns on banks, down hills or across the street. While we've included a kicktail, that's more for last resort than anything; this board wants to CARVE.

We recommend this board is set up with conventional 159mm trucks with roughly a 8.75" axle. For more stability at speed, mount the trucks direct to the board, but for increased carving, couple them with wedged risers - with the thick ends of the wedges facing each other - to position the baseplate level with the floor. 


  • 30" x 8.5" 7 ply Canadian maple
  • 16" wheelbase
  • Mild concave and camber with mellow kicktail
  • Heat transfer graphic design on top and bottom of deck
  • Clear spray grip on top to display graphic

Want the complete setup? You can grab one here.

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