Barracuda Deck

Our Micro Cruisers are our most popular skateboards. They capture all the fun of plastic banana boards, but have increased performance due to the fact they're made from wood - and now you can finally get that improved ride without having to replace your existing trucks and wheels.

So throw away the plastic (or, even better, recycle it!), say goodbye to flexing and slippy textured plastic tops, and hello to proper spray grip, concave, an upturned nose and a high-performance ride!

This particular design is no longer available as a complete, meaning this is your only chance to skate one of our OG Micro Cruisers.

The standard "new-school" mounting holes mean any decent set of modern trucks should fit. Note that cheaper trucks often aren't standardised, so check that the distance between bolts on the trucks you have is around 54mm on the long side and 42mm on the short side (measured center of hole to center of hole).

We recommend trucks with 99mm hangars or 6.5" axles for these boards. If unsure, go longer; many companies make 106mm or 109mm trucks that would also be a good fit.


  • 25" long x 6" wide
  • 14" wheelbase
  • 9.5mm thick 7ply Canadian maple deck
  • Mild concave, kicktail and upturned snub nose
  • Heat transfer graphic on both top and underside of deck
  • Clear spray grip to display top graphic

Want a complete Micro Cruiser? Grab one here.

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