Skateboards came about as a way for surfers to practice their techniques on the accidental concrete playgrounds of the 1950s when the surf was bad. Now, in the 21st century, the skateboard may have improved and tricks may have progressed, but we're still all about that early surf style.

However you prefer to get rad on four wheels, we've got something for you. Whether it's gentle cruising on plastic banana boards, soulful carving on a pintail longboard, aggressive downhill sliding on a dedicated cutout shape or a classic surf-inspired experience on our range of wooden cruiser boards, we've got a range of boards for you to choose from - and nearly all of them come outfitted with high-quality trucks and wheels from X-Caliber

We've even got street and park completes and a range of replacement parts, so we've got you covered, whatever you need!

X-Caliber Trucks