Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards are the next big thing on the water, and at Maui and Sons we have a wide range of iSUP’s which fulfil all demands from river to lake and from ocean exploring to surfing. And no matter where you take them, they're great for casual family fun or high-end performance use - and even yoga!

With all our boards we include a Maui and Sons leash, a US fin, a mending and maintenance kit (just in case…!), an inflation pump, pressure gauge and hose, a three-piece paddle, and a backpack that will hold the whole set. Packed in such a way, the whole set weighs roughly 14kg, so you could take it on any international flight with ease.

All our iSUPs share the same construction, having outer top and bottom double layers of 0.7mm PVC tarpaulin and a double rail in a 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin, with an inflation valve equipped with a inflation and deflation screw in/screw out system.

Our PVC is a Korean 1100 DTEX Dropstitch with a second additional PVC layer on each side. It holds a max pressure of 15psi and a max weight of 120kg. The top has been fitted with anti-slip EVA foam for you to stand in comfort.  

Unlike similar priced boards, all our boards have three fins; two fixed smaller fins and one removable US fin, giving them more stability and allowing for better turns.

Pick the one that suits your needs best, and if in doubt, please contact us and we'll answer any questions you have.