Hang On

Short banana boards have been popular for a while, but most boards available in this shape have been made from plastic - fun, bright and hard-wearing, but not as rigid or responsive as traditional plywood boards. Our 100% Canadian Maple Micro Cruisers are just as portable and fun as plastic polyprop banana boards, but much stronger and versatile, with spray grip instead of a plastic top; perfect for teenagers and adults who want to introduce tricks to their repertoire - or just want a board that feels safer to ride.


  • 25" long x 6" wide
  • 9.5mm thick 7ply Canadian maple deck
  • Mild concave, kicktail and upturned snub nose
  • Heat transfer graphic on both top and underside of deck
  • Clear spray grip to display top graphic
  • 101mm X-Caliber trucks (6 1/2" axle)
  • 60mm 83a X-Caliber wheels
  • REKON ABEC-5 chrome steel bearings
  • 6mm rubber riser pad for shock absorption

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