Want a Jaws scooter for free?

Our friends over at Ambient Media are running a special competition of sorts; starting with one simple black button, they are trading up, swapping each product for something of a higher value. Whatever they have on Friday, 16th December will be auctioned off for charity, with all funds raised helping to get Guatemalan street children off the street.

Currently, they're three trades deep into this plan - and their last trade (at the time of writing) was with us! We now have a pretty cool skate deck for the wall of our office, and a white Jaws scooter is currently up for trade on their site.

We don't know how long it'll be before someone offers them a trade they can't refuse, so if you've got something lying around that you think would make a good swap, head over to the One Black Button site sooner rather than later and let them know!

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