New Micro Cruiser colours available now!

Our Micro Cruisers are incredibly popular alternatives to the plastic skateboards that are so common right now. Responsive, versatile and strong, these boards are everything your little polyprop cruiser wishes it could be.

New Micro Cruisers for 2016

And now we have two beautiful new versions of the Micro Cruiser: the Blue/Black and Pink/Black, both equipped with the same great X-Caliber trucks and wheels as the original designs.

Made from 100% Canadian Maple, these cruisers are just as portable and fun as plastic polyprop banana boards - but much stronger and more versatile. With concave, kicknose, and spray grip instead of a slippy plastic top, they're perfect for teenagers and adults who want to introduce tricks to their repertoire - or just want a board that feels safer to ride.


So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself (or your child/friend/significant other) to a new ride ready for the New Year!


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