Plastic Cutouts

Plastic skateboards have been popular for a while, but all of them have followed roughly the same design: short, banana-shaped boards with a plastic textured top instead of griptape - so we believe it's time for something new!

Enter the Maui and Sons plastic cutout series. We've taken everything that was great about the plastic cruisers you know - the bright colours, the light weight - and given it a stronger, wider, longer design for maximum riding performance. No more speed wobbles when riding down hills! No more sliding off the ride platform when it gets wet! No more having to put up with feeling like you're stood on a balance beam! And on top of all that, we've strengthened the underside of the deck with thick beams of plastic to ensure that even with the increased wheelbase, the deck stays nice and rigid when a grown adult stands on it.

What else can we say? The Maui and Sons plastic cutouts are the plastic skateboards you've been waiting for.


Jacob Whitt goes BIG

February 21, 2017

Our man in Texas has come through with yet another video - this time showing his versatility by putting aside his regular 8.25" street boards and stepping up to the Cookie Stripe Kicktail longboard, proving that longboards don't have to be just for cruising or sliding!

Ella Rose Howlett loves the Halcyon Beach

February 16, 2017

British YouTuber and longboarder Ella Rose Howlett - a.k.a. LongboardUK - recently got her hands on our Halcyon Beach board - and she seemed to really like it! You can check the video out below, and if you like what you see, you can order the Halycon Beach (or one the rest of our line of plastic cutouts) here!

Booth building at ISPO2017

February 15, 2017

The art of building a booth and getting ourselves show-ready normally happens behind closed doors, but at this year's ISPO the guys at Shake documented the process. Check out the stop-motion video below!

Jaws & 110mm wheel bundles available now!

February 06, 2017

While the 100mm wheels that come on our Jaws scooters as standard are solid choices for most riding, we know that some of the more hardcore riders out there want something a bit bigger and faster. 

As such, as of today, you can now get either of our Jaws scooters with an extra set of 110mm wheels in a choice of four colours for a special price of £139.99 - a total saving of £24.99 compared to buying them separately!

So what are you waiting for? Pick your perfect combo here.

Reece Youles shreds Scoot Fest

January 05, 2017

At the end of last year, our scoot team headed to Corby's Adrenaline Alley to take part in the annual Scoot Fest event. Reece Youles smashed the ScootGB Elite event, placing 9th with some solid runs. Check them out below!

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